With more than 100 pharmaceutical products distributed throughout the West Africa region, Africa Healthcare Pharma offers the widest range of preparations – capsules, tablets, SVP & LVP injections, powder for injection, dry suspensions and oral solutions, syrups, drops and topicals are quality assured and produced according to strict GMP guidelines.

Medical Devices

Our medical device range comprises an extensive scope of devices, disposables and healthcare products for the hospital, pharmacy and retail sectors. Distributed across West Africa, we are always  improving our products to adapt to market demands and consistently expanding our distribution network.


Our range of anti-malarial treatments are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and widely distributed to government and NGO organizations, hospitals and pharmacies with the end goal of providing low-cost solutions for one of Africa’s most devastating epidemics. Available as tablets, injections and oral suspensions, our medications are a front-line defense to treat various forms of malaria.


Dietary supplements are an affordable, effective and preventative way to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Getting the daily recommended intake of essential vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients are necessary for optimal health.  Africa HealthCare distributes AdvaLife Nutraceuticals, a premium American brand of high quality, affordable supplements.