Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) in diabetes and importance of glucose monitors

Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) in diabetes and importance of glucose monitors

What is SMBG and why is it important?

Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is one of the most important methods to “self-check on the management of diabetes” along with timely medication and a healthy life-style. American diabetes association has prescribed SMBG as one of the vital tool for managing diabetes at individual level. SMBG is not only an important aspect for people having type 1diabetes or those who are insulin dependent but it is also helpful for those who are dependent on oral medication or just predisposed to diabetes or pre diabetic.

Whenever it comes to the diagnosis of diabetes, determination of hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) is accepted as the gold standard for assessing glycemic control. However patients with normal or near-normal HbA1c levels can still exhibit postprandial hyperglycemia, putting them at risk for long-term adverse outcomes. In addition, frequent unknown episodes of hypoglycemia which may result into false or low HbA1c levels. Lastly, HbA1C does not provide any glycemic variability. Therefore, SMBG determines the immediate blood sugar level and provide us with timely information on both the episodes of hyper and hypoglycemia.

Thus, SMBG is a requirement for implementing approaches to carefully treat, as well as make an awareness of the current blood glucose values and allow us to take an immediate measure to manage it. Healthcare professionals must be capable of making correct and immediate decisions in regard to the use of SMBG.

Barriers to SMBG

From developed to developing countries there has been always a barrier whenever it comes to the implementation of SMBG. The biggest barrier is the knowledge; which is very limited among both clinicians and patients.

Other factors which have become a barrier to the use of SMBG are: discomfort with the measurement, motivational, social, psychological and behavioral issues, predominantly in the adolescent subgroup. Therefore, health care professionals must be aware of these barriers and be prepared to highlight these among the patients, guardians and caregivers.

Positives of SMBG

SMBG use reflects individual responsibility in maintaining health by empowering SMBG education among all the diabetic individuals. It also leads to long term healthcare strategies with short term cost effectiveness in any country whenever it comes to the cost of care in diabetes. Therefore use of SMBG from the commencement of diabetes or at pre diabetic stage not only late complications of diabetes but also helps in preventing from inexpensive treatments in an individual level which eventually lead to a cost effective treatment.

Use of correct glucose meters for SMBG

Several types of excellent and durable glucose monitors for SMBG are available in the market The excellency of these monitors depend on the standardized testing and precision of the results.

Choosing of correct glucose meters depend on certain parameters of being robust, precise, accurate, and affordable by the patients.

AccuQuik™ Blood glucose monitors are one of the excellent to monitor the blood glucose levels. At any given time, this monitor can reveal blood glucose level accurately and in a timely manner. All an individual need is a small blood sample that is usually provided by piercing the tip of the finger and then placed on the test strip. The blood sample is then electronically tested for glucose and the results are shown on the screen of the monitor.

Our blood glucose monitors come in a whole kit, with all the components required for an accurate reading of the glucose level in your blood. Although the frequency of how often the glucose level is usually determined by doctors or health related professionals. Most people monitor their glucose level every morning before breakfast, before lunch, dinner, and right before they go to sleep. This depends on the users preferences.

AccuQuik™ places the highest priority on the quality of our Blood Glucose Monitor products.

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